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The energy generated by the body is the number of ATP molecules produced in the cell. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is the primary form of energy molecule produced in the body that generates energy. It is also called the energy currency of the body. The more the production of ATP molecules in the body, the more the amount of energy generated. However, the body at a time can retain only enough ATP molecules that can power a few seconds of rigorous weight training. In this scenario, if the right ingredients that facilitate the formation of ATP molecules in the body are not available in abundance, the body experiences fatigue, and the chances of burning those precious muscles increase astronomically. Therefore, to ensure that the body is in a constant supply of the ingredients that facilitate the formation of ATP molecules during weight training, intake of Creatine, the amino acid that is instrumental in building ATP molecules can be a wise choice.

The protein-rich foods have this amino acid, however breaking down of this protein source, takes time, and the particular protein-rich food may not have Creatine in abundance. Thus, to provide the body with an ample amount of easily soluble Creatine, a dietary supplement in the form of readily soluble Creatine Hydrochloride is the best pre and post dietary supplement. It will boost the energy levels and ensure that the recovery is fast and free of fatigue. 

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