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The weight training session requires the body to produce enormous amounts of energy to power the workout sessions. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is the primary energy molecule that generates the energy needed by the body during the workout session. The production of ATP molecules in the body is facilitated by amino acid Creatine that is produced in the body by the liver, kidney, and lungs. Creatine is stored in the skeletal muscles in the form of Phosphocreatine. The body, in spite of needing vast amounts of ATP for the generation of energy, can only store ATP enough for eight seconds of a vigorous resistance training session. The production of ATP also requires that the body absorbs the Protein source and synthesize it effectively, which is achieved by the presence of water and HCL present in the body and stomach, respectively. Therefore, the supply of Creatine to the body through the dietary intake on a soluble form ensures that the body absorbs the Protein and synthesize it for energy generation instantly.

To ensure that the body is supplied with ample amounts of Creatine to boost the energy levels, and easily soluble Creatine supplement can be a wise choice. 

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