Alpha Fuze - Hydro Blend

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Serious bodybuilding apart from rigorous resistance training, balanced diet, focus, and grit need a constant supply of energy to fuel the body's metabolism throughout the day to build, repair and retain muscles. The essential micronutrient that provides the building blocks of muscles is Protein. They are the source of the essential Amino Acids formed during protein synthesis that builds the muscle tissues. The protein source that is provided through the dietary intake of Protein-rich foods takes a long while to synthesize the Protein source. It might result in the scarcity of Protein available for synthesis during and after weight training sessions. Whey protein is the most easily digestible and natural source of protein that can digest and absorb in the body with ease. The variants of the Protein source are available individually. However, a blend of all the abundant options along with high solubility ensures all the goodness of the Protein source is readily digested and absorbed in the body, and the energy levels remain at a constant high.  

Whey protein blend supplements that are readily soluble are the most easily digestible protein supplements that can be used as a pre-workout, post-workout dietary supplements. Being highly soluble, these can also be used during workout sessions. 

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