Alliance Labz - Hydroamino

Article number: 210000007336

The body produces energy through the synthesis of protein stored in the muscles. The building of Protein blocks in the tissues depends on the availability of the essential Amino Acids. These building blocks of muscles are necessary as the body cannot produce them and are supplied to the body through dietary intake. Essential Amino Acids, when available in ample amounts, ensure that the body is provided with all the components that synthesize the Protein to produce the energy required during a rigorous weight training session, without burning the muscles. The body metabolism does not cease with the end of the workout sessions. The body also needs the constant supply of EAAs to ensure that the body recovers without fatigue, and the muscles gain mass and shape. The body continually builds, repairs, and improves. Thus, it becomes necessary for the body to be provided with ample amounts of EAAs, through a protein source that can be easily broken by the body, to avoid burning of those precious muscle tissues.

Ensure that your diet includes that Protein source that can be easily digested, to be used as a pre and post-workout diet, and if required, can also be used during workouts.  

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