Alpha Fuze - L-Carnilean 3000

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Rigorous work out sessions, balanced diet, firm determination, and sheer will power to curb the strong urges to grab that extra bite of the forbidden food might not yield the required results while trying to shed the excess body fat. In fact, in the blind quest to lose those extra pounds, one might end up burning the precious muscle tissues and starving the body of the essential nutrients, thus lowering the levels of the body's natural immune system, compromising the overall health and wellbeing. Gaining shape by losing those extra pounds of body fats requires a lot of hard work during the workout sessions, and in addition to a balanced and selective diet, one must ensure that the body is breaking the fat molecules present in the body and not the muscles. The body in the absence of Carbs, the preferred energy source, utilizes the fat molecules present in the body cells to generate the energy, through the process of lipolysis. L-CARNITINE transfers the fat molecules from the fat accumulated in the body to the cells, thus facilitating the process of lipolysis. The amino acid is also helpful in getting rid of the toxins or the harmful chemicals accrued as a result of the high powered workout sessions. Thus, ample amounts of L-Carnitine to move the fat molecules from the body into the cells ensures that the process of lipolysis is exalted.

Adding an L-Carnitine supplement to your dietary intake will ensure that fat molecules are present in abundance in the cells to burn. 

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