Alpha Fuze - ISO PRO

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The body requires a constant supply of calories to fuel the rigorous and progressive weight training and body metabolism during dangerous muscle building. The essential micronutrient that provides the building blocks of muscles is Protein. The most common and abundant source of natural Protein is Whey that is available I lots of variants. This easily digestible Protein-rich Protein source is favored by all who are into serious bodybuilding as they are rich and easily digestible. The process of natural metabolism or breaking down of the Protein source takes a long time. It might result in the scarcity of Protein available for synthesis during and after weight training sessions. Therefore intake of a pre-workout and post-workout Protein supplement that is easily digestible is a wise choice. Whey Protein isolate is the purest form of Whey Protein and is the richest in Protein content.

To ensure a constant supply of easily digestible Protein source to power the workout sessions and help the body to build, repair, and restore muscles throughout the day. Whey protein isolate supplements with added ingredients to boost energy levels can be used as pre-workout, post-workout dietary supplements. 

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